James (unknownj) wrote in blx,

Internet Influence

York, England (BLX) - In what is believed to be the first case of its kind, the Internet has persuaded a member of the voting public to change his stance on the issue of war in Iraq.

Alex Skip from York in the United Kingdom was surfing his favourite band-related message board online when he came across a discussion on the war.

"At first I was skeptical" said Alex. "I believed that war was wrong, and that there was no justification for it. But I was bored, so I read it anyway".

What Alex didn't bank on was a compelling argument, written in part in 'elite caps', arguing the case for war. The discussion, between teens from all over the world, contained sufficient persuasive power to make Alex change his mind.

"Ever since I read those posts, I have fully believed that war is okay, so long as we're the ones who win" said Alex at a recent press conference

Though the war ended several months ago, the debate still rages on, online. This is the first recorded instance of somebody's opinion being changed by a discussion on a message board, and it should serve to give hope to those people who argue online - it is no longer futile.
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