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This Is Not News - This is BLX
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This is not news. This is BLX.

OXFORD, UK (BLX) - Despite the protestations of a demographic group labelling themselves "the majority", would-be Satirist Jamie Webley has once more stunned a nation (though not this one), by starting up a Satire Writing Community on the Internet. When asked why he did it, he responded with a low, irritating drone, the translation of which you are reading right now.

Jamie is a self-diagnosed Satirist, although comedy experts maintain that he is a blatant hypochondriac, and is not to be trusted. In between believing he can make people laugh, he studies Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, which might well explain a lot of his outbursts.


As you might expect, what you are reading here is fiction1, and any references to any persons living or dead is done for the sole purpose of mocking them, and is not intended to defraud or mislead the target audience2.

[1] Except where stated otherwise
[2] Who are presumed to be of reasonable intelligence - satire is inappropriate for idiots, and therefore they are not covered

Copyright Information

These articles belong to Jamie Webley and/or Chris Mears. Should you wish, for some reason, to reproduce these articles in any form, please provide a link and/or reference to this journal. You don't have to credit anybody by name - I don't need to leave a trail back to my identity lying around. Just a simple link to this site will do, thanks.

Please note:
  Satire \Sat"ire\, n. 

     1. A keen or severe exposure of what in public or
        private morals deserves rebuke;
     Syn: Lampoon; sarcasm; irony; ridicule; pasquinade; burlesque; wit; humor.

Well... Something like that...

What people have said about BLX

"the guy might be a jerk, but his satire is brilliant" - Paul, Usenet

"I mean, he's not that cute ... But his satire writing is funny" - whateva5

"adorable in an utterly morbid kind of way" - whateva5

"I don't know... That wasn't really funny." - Anonymous

"another cynical politician-hater" - Anonymous

"Almost as funny as a /. sig I saw" - everlone